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Your domain name registration contains all the relevant information regarding the registered owner. But if this information is out of date, when your domain name is up for renewal, the notifications may never reach you. It is extremely common for a business to register a domain using one email address and then transfer all of their email activity to the new domain without updating the registration with the new email address.

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Four common mistakes with domain names!

Domain names are the cornerstone of the internet. As the primary source of internet navigation, without domain names, your customers couldn’t get around and wouldn’t know how to find you. Also, domain names form part of a company’s identity and branding. Yet many companies make mistakes every day that can be extremely costly by not considering their domain name strategy carefully enough.

A web design error can be fixed. Software applications can be updated. But some domain name mistakes can stay with you a long time and could potentially cost your business a lot of money in lost trade or corrective measures.


Forgetting to update WHOIS information

Failing to register all the alternatives

You may think that if you have one website, you only need one domain. But what if someone else registers all the other related domain names? For example, if you own but someone else registers,,, etc, many of your customers may find their way to these other websites instead of yours.

If at all possible, register all the domain names related to your brand, trademark or website and simply point them all to the same spot. Therefore, no matter which domain the visitor accesses, they arrive at the same place – you.

Some domain names aren’t so easy to spell. If you have a domain name that can easily be misspelled, consider registering those domain names as well. A common trick amongst unscrupulous domain speculators is to register ‘typo’ domains for popular websites and fill them with advertising to catch the high amount of traffic that hits the wrong key. For example, one commonly misspelled word is ‘restaurant’. If a domain name contains this word – and many do - it is advisable to register the most likely typo versions as well, rather than risk losing customers.

Not registering ‘typo’


Not keeping domain

management secure

The risk of hackers continues to increase with more websites having their home pages hacked or domain names

commandeered. If a hacker were to take control of your  domain name, he or she could point your reputable name towards a website of dubious content; spam advertising, phishing, internet viruses or simply steal your business.

To do so, they need to be able to hack your domain name

passwords. Surprisingly, many companies still don’t have secure procedures in place to safeguard their passwords.

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